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By Gavin Reddrop 24 Mar, 2017

Are you marketing your small scale business on social media? Ever considered using Facebook Voice Messages for the benefit of your business? No? Let us tell you why you should.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook introduced messenger for Android and iOS for instant access and included some fancy features like stickers, emoji and voice messages in it too. While stickers and emoji are totally personal, voice messages functionality can be used for promotions and it will still be a professional thing to do. Messenger lets you record short voice messages of 60 seconds and send it instantly. Just Tap the mic, press and hold record button and release it to send your message.

Welcome New Followers

Nothing pleases people more than making then feel special. Welcome new followers personally through voice messages to start building a long lasting professional relationship with them. They are persons first and customers later, make them feel special. People do like doing business with brands which they like and you must give them reasons to like your brand.

If people don’t like your brand for the first time, it is highly unlikely they will for second time.

Become Recognised Info Source with Voice Messages

When you get a question from multiple people, record a single message and send to all of them. This will save your time for typing and also will make you stand out among others who simply direct people to check their frequently asked questions.

Answer questions in community too and build an image of a problem solver rather than a marketer. Represent a solution of a problem through a message first and then refer them to your product/service that will help solving that problem.

Make Your Followers Market for You

Make your followers feel special with some free gift and a personal message from CEO and they will automatically start talking about you. Give them a reason to post statuses and tell their friends about you and they will. Frequent offers and voice messages directly from CEO will make your brand famous in no time.

Reward Loyalty with Special Deals

A discount that has been offered to everyone makes no one special but a discount that has been offered in return of sticking to the brand or being a source of promotion of brand makes people like your brand. Do convey a message that you keep track of your valued customers by sending them voice messages telling them about things they might like based on their previous experience with you and ask them about their opinions about your business to keep them engaged.

By Gavin Reddrop 24 Mar, 2017

To get started with your business, you want people to know about your business because they can’t do business with you if they don’t know whether you even exist or not. As a small scale business you don’t want to waste resources advertising on TV or billboards. An advertisement solution that is effective, yet cost effective will be Social Media. Social media marketing is regarded as the apex of today’s revenue generation process cycle. So practically, your small business cannot survive without advertisements as advertisements are promising initial client base.

Advertisement using posters, billboards is a one way communication but Social Media is not. Your target audience gets a platform to get their queries resolved. You can keep a balance between answering to questions and giving more bits and pieces about your products. Facebook pages are an alluring opportunity to give you an initial boost because let face it, every one of us use Facebook so why not turn your client news feed into an emerging marketing potential for you? The more active your page is, the more authentic your business will be considered. More people talking about it means more popularity.

Gone are the days when you needed to showcase your products in physical environments and travel long distances to show the glimpse of your crafts to the potential clients. Social media is your virtual show casing platform now. A great way to make people wanting to get your product is showcasing how people are using it, for a better life, for a happy experience. Pictures add more to it.

Posting pictures of good remarks of people about you will show other that people are talking about you and had a good experience. Once target market starts noticing you, other pages too will. Be authentic and robust in responding to your audience, it makes them feel valued.

People don’t like you if you respond well on Facebook but not at all on Twitter or LinkedIn. Connect multiple platforms for easy updates on all.

You can easily interact with the customers and build strong working relationships IT all must have to be continuous and with patience. Respond to both positive and negative remarks to be popular among even those who didn’t like you at all initially. Be friendly while you guide customers.

Present yourself as an expert who knows his business inside out. Interact instead of advertise, provide information for free to be seen by clients as someone who thinks beyond money. Build an image of “at your service”. Spending something on giveaways, free goodies etc. for sharing your photos, solving quizzes are fruitful and that’s guaranteed. Tell people how your product is innovative, unique and better than others. Make it a news for your target audience, present in a way that they start telling the news to each other.

In the end, Social media marketing is not an easy candy. You have to spice it up with tricky strategies and keen understanding of your client base to generate the revenues for your business.
By Gavin Reddrop 24 Mar, 2017

Social Media is the best way of marketing in present and probably the only way of marketing in future. Social Media Management Australia is the focus of this article and you will learn which social media platforms are popular in the category of Social Media for Business in Australia. There are also some quick stats to emphasize the popularity as well as usefulness of these platforms for small businesses and local startups with small budgets. These platforms are popular all around the world.


When it comes to Social Media Management Australia, Facebook is the number one platform with 12 million monthly Australian users. This makes it useful for your business as you can target almost 52% of Australian population on this platform. Another reason to use it will be because it is popular among all age groups. You can advertise on Facebook either on your own as a page or by paying some money for Facebook Ads.


Social Media for Business in Australia will have huge success on Twitter if it has become a brand name and can afford to post regularly about its products. 2.9 million People use it in Australia on monthly basis and that makes 15% of Australian population. Social Media Management Australia will be done great on Twitter only if you can manage to bring a lot of followers because there aren’t many in Australia.


LinkedIn has a better following than Twitter when it comes to business savvy users and companies. It has 3.5 million active monthly users. To get the maximum benefit out of it, create a page for your business and link it with social groups that might be interested in reading about you. It is not suitable for startups but it is best for mature company profiles with their own logos and professional looking content.


Instagram has 1.6 million users and it is a great platform for businesses who have some impressive pictures of their work and products. It is the most effective option if target market is young women for example it is best Social Media for Business in Australia for businesses like clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories like that.


If you have no trouble managing SEO and optimizing your content accordingly then not so best choice for Social Media Management Australia is Google+ with 75000 active users every month. Reason behind Google+ not being so popular here is that people are more interested in already available old platforms. This option is least recommended as it involves additional costs of SEO and targets relatively less number of people as compared to other platforms.

By Gavin Reddrop 24 Mar, 2017

Astounding rates of 94% of Twitter users are confident that it is the most valued among social channels. It provides a business presence of free marketing solutions. Many small businesses post at least once a day. Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey from thereon, a co-founder and the chairman of Twitter since 2009.

  • What is Twitter? It is an online social networking and micro-blogging service enabling users to send or/and read short text messages from a PC or even Androids. Its staggering growth provides followers information of serious to even humorous nature. At the initial time, Twitter was all about short bursts of inconsequential information but that has changed drastically. As of December 2013, Twitter had a market capitalisation of $32.76 billion. So why not be part of it.

  • By staying in touch with your followers, enjoy the benefits of positive returns on your marketing strategies. It is so simple to use with no more than 140 characters per tweet and all the #hashtags you can create. Only a little over 40% of small business use twitter for promotions making this the ideal time to get into the action.


    Do a Twitter search using #hashtags using words from your niche/brand to find out:

      • FREE to advertise on Twitter.
      • Research Trends
      • What the competition is doing
      • Business Content Leaders
      • Valuable Resources
      • Find information to grow and/or make improvements
      • Generating Sales Leads
      • Get Feedback
      • Provide Customer Service
      • Gaining followers    

      • Using Twitter will raise the visibility of a small business and provide brand awareness. Plan your daily tweets around specific sales, promotions and specials by making your followers experience the exclusivity of your personal connection. Interact daily by asking questions, ask their opinion, ask them to vote or even ask them how their day is going. Twitter is a tool that cannot be ignored and could very well give you that competitive edge you are seeking.
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